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"I believe the personal attention my child gets in a smaller class setting has been incredibly beneficial to his education. We are in constant contact with his teachers which enables us to deal with challenges quickly and move forward from there.  It seems the leadership and staff are constantly trying to find ways to improve the school whether it be in teaching styles, disciplinary actions, or simply in fundraising."

"I love knowing that during the day my child is in a safe environment, less exposed to so much junk that surrounds our kids. The building security also puts me very much at ease. Only one entrance is open to visitors and requires permission for entrance."

"My daughters flourished in the WCA environment. They both received the education that they needed and the spiritual foundation to build on for the rest of their lives. The friendships they made in high school are still very much a part of their lives. They have become a mother & entrepreneur, and an experienced advertiser & non-profit volunteer.  I couldn't be more proud and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing." 

"After attending a local school music presentation (which was very good), I am even more impressed with Maureen Seavey's music program here at WCA."

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