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The WCA Family Fellowship (WCA.F.F.) exists as an unincorporated association of Windham Christian Academy parents and teachers to promote the interests of the families of Windham Christian Academy by:

1.  Fostering a climate of cooperation, understanding and unity,

2.  Serving as a source of information for parents and students regarding school programs and special events, procedures, educational developments, and advertising,

3.  Helping parents by providing resources such as special speakers and a parenting library,

4.  Supporting families and our community through tangible and spiritual help.

The WCA FF meets the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30PM-7:30PM. 



President: Melanie LeClair

Secretary/Treasurer: Jaclyn Sands

Fundraising Head: Michael LeClair

Student Representative: Caleb Cormier

Meeting Notes:

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